Important notes from YU1AW: All connections between RF parts, and also connections to ground MUST BE as short as possible! This is VHF, not HF, in spite that designs may looks like HF! Hi! See mechanical layout of PA designs below! If input circuit trimmers, need to be at maximum or minimum capacity during adjusting, it is necessary to change the length of the cable between the exciter and the amplifier itself. The optimal length of the cable should be determined experimentally to obtain adjustment with approximately the calculated values of capacitances. This experimentally determined cable should always be used when operating the amplifier. A change of exciter could occasionally require a new length of cable to be determined.

2xGI7B 6m PA 


Built by Vlado YT4AY:







Built by Christophe F5HRS:









Built by Dragan, YT1AR:








Built by Glenn, VK4BG