GI-7B(GI7B) Tube

GI7BT Tube -Tropical (Military variant).


See GI7B(T) Tube factory DataSheet

GI7B (regular tube) and GI7BT (Tropical variant, Military tube) compare:

GI7BT tube is same GI7B((GI-7B) tube, but have a strong body and a best vacuum.
GI7BT designed  for radar aplications in the VietNam war, also for Laos,Cuba,Africa tropics.This tubes has the best design, the best manufacture and twin control of quality.
GI7BT is reliable as the Russian machine gun AK-47.

Modified MLA-2500 redrawn schematic - This schematic contains all the modifications listed below

 GI7B Duobander PA for 2m and 6m. YU1AW

 GLA-1000 to GI7B(GI-7B).W4EMF

 6m amplifier with GI7B, by F5MAG

 G4DCV's 144MHz amplifier with a pair of GI7b(GI-7B)triodes. FB

 HF PA Using a Pair of GI7B. by VK3ZL

 GI7B Six Meter Amplifier Project,VR2XMT

 Yeasy 2m PA on GI7B. UA1OJ

 The saga from OZ1PIF about 144MHz GI7b Linear.

 Pair used GI7BT's for 6 meters. W5UC

 2xGI7B 50MHz 1kW PA.YU1AW FB

 GI7B 70MHz 400W de IK0IXI

 Dentron GLA-1000 Conversion with 2xGI7B. PA0FRI FB

 2xGI7BT 1kW PA from VK3ZL

 MLA-2500 Retrofit to the GI-7B by W4EMF

 SB-200 6m Conversion Using the GI7B by N4LR and W4ZT

 2xGI7B HF amplifier. 9A3MR   HF  1,5kW HF PA with 3xGI7B. de CT1FMS

  HF  2xGI7B 432MHz PA from W7IUV

 450W 2m Power Amplifier with GI7B from DL8UA

 2xGI7B in PUSH-PULL. 2&6m 1kW PA from PA0ZH

 GI7B at 1296MHz

 N2UO style 23cm Amp

 HF PA with GI7B tube. from IZ0HQK

Two GI7B(GI7BT) tubes witch 1500V anode plate give output power more 800W CW on 1.8-432 MHz!
The GI7B(GI7BT)Amplifier has the simplest scheme. For GI-7B(T) usually is not need Socket.

These are coaxial microwave tubes are capable to generate on VHF. Any spurious capacitances, inductances and resistances imported Socket can cause it. Russian electronic industry interposed these tubes directly into devices. And it was the best solution!